Account Preparation

  1. Create a project if you don’t have one already.
  2. Enable the Deployment Manager API for the created project.
  3. Enable the Runtime Configuration API for the created project.
  4. Create a service account.
  5. Go to the IAM page and add the following roles to the created service account:
    1. Compute Admin
    2. Storage Admin
    3. Deployment Manager Editor
    4. Cloud RuntimeConfig Admin
  6. Make sure you have a quota to run GPU instances:
    1. Go to the quotas page in “IAM & admin” and filter the list of services by setting the Metric field to “GPUs (all regions)”:
    2. Check the limit for the “Compute Engine API” service. If it’s a zero, select the service and click the ”[+] EDIT QUOTAS” button at the top of the page.
    3. Set a new quota limit to 1 or more and submit the request.
  7. Install Google Cloud SDK.
  8. Before using Spotty commands like spotty start, spotty run and others, make sure that the GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS environmental variable is set up and contains the path to your service account key file:
     export GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS="/path/to/the/service/account/key/file.json"