spotty run

Run a custom script from the configuration file inside the container

usage: spotty run [-h] [-d] [-c CONFIG] [-u USER] [-s SESSION_NAME] [-l]
                  [-p PARAMETER=VALUE] [--no-sync]
                  [INSTANCE_NAME] SCRIPT_NAME [-- args...]

Positional Arguments


Instance name


Script name

Named Arguments

-d, --debug

Show debug messages

-c, --config

Path to the configuration file

-u, --user

Container username or UID (format: <name|uid>[:<group|gid>])

-s, --session-name

tmux session name

-l, --logging

Log the script outputs to a file

-p, --parameter

Set a value for the script parameter (format: PARAMETER=VALUE). This argument can be used multiple times to set several parameters. Parameters can be used in the script as Mustache variables (for example: {{PARAMETER}}).

Default: []


Don't sync the project before running the script

The double dash (--) separates custom arguments that you can pass to the script from the Spotty arguments.